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Weekly(ish) Roundup May 30th, 2008, 11:32 am
Posted by Renegade
The news was looking kind of un-updated recently, so I decided i'd have a go at the whole blogging thing. Since this isn't MySpace I've skipped the whole black background / emo music / weird angled photos and just decided to talk mostly about videogames instead.

I guess i'll start off by commenting on what might just be the most hateful game released, ever, in the history of games. Attack of the Buggles is too simple, and too difficult, and that makes for a terrible combination. Except it doesn't. The game is instantly playable, and every single time your buggle dies, it's so obvious how you could have got the next buggle and increased your score that little bit further. It's even harder to stop playing if you're competing with someone you know for a high score. If you haven't played it yet, then don't! Althuogh it is a very good game...

On a completely differnt topic (segues? way too much effort!) i've settled on's videogames tag radio station as my usual station of choice now. This is partly because the tagging system makes any other station unlistenable, due to the fact that every single user [except me, obviously] thinks it's hilarious to tag music incorrectly, emaning that whatever station you're trying to listen to, you'll get a bunch of completely unrealted songs. The "brutal death metal" station, for example, includes Aaron Carter, who's about as brutal and metal as a pansy (the flower) in the rain. incidentally I found out the other day he has a sister, who did at least one of the songs used on the Shrek 3 soundtrack. That's your musical trvia for the day. But anyway! The videogames station has some surprisingly good remixes of game music, from If you've ever played a game and thought how memorable one of the songs on the soundtrack was, these guys have probably improved it. And all their songs are available for free.

I currently have two ufinished PS2 games that I keep meaning to get back into. Those are Final Fantasy 12 and Rogue Galaxy, respectively one of the most overrated, and one of the most underrated games on the system. Don't get me wrong, I love the Final Fantasy series, but 12 feels rushed and kind of broken. graphics? Reused textures, over and over and over again. Levelling up? All the useful skills are unlocked pretty early on through the licensing system. Boss battles? Just keep chaining limit breaks together until the boss gets bored and leaves. That's all there is to it. rogue Galaxy, on the other hand, plays like Kingdom Hearts, but has more realistic characters, an instantly engaging storyline, and vibrant, colourful locations to explore. If you have a PS2, and haven't played this game yet, the least you should do is rent it.

My other console of choice is the Nintendo DS. I still have my release day DS, which might just be the most durable handheld you can buy. It's survived a trip across my room - not in anger at a game, but because it was on my bed, and I pulled the covers off the bed without realising. It's a good thing nobody else was in the room since the DS is built like a brick and would probably have killed anyone it hit on it's way. Currently it's sat more safely by the side of my bed, waiting for me to continue with "Professor Layotn and the Curious Village". This is one of the system's must buy games. It has a voice acted storyline, tons of puzzles, and even some downloadable content through the wifi service as well. Not enough games do this. You may even recognise one of the puzzles in it from the Exam games I've previously uploaded to this site, although that's complete coincidence. Either way I recommend Professor Layton to anyone who enjoys puzzle games.

Last but definitely not least, it was Ron's birthday the other day, and Zeke's today. Happy birthday guys!

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