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Progress Report March 18th, 2009, 12:34 pm
Posted by Renegade
So way back in Septmeber last year, I announced I was working on something new, which didn't involve finding billions of small yellow keys. I didn't quite keep up wit the release date estimates I set for myself, for several reasons, but now I can say the game is getting towards being finished.

After a whole lot of work writing a game enigine to run it all, and even more work writing so many lines ofdialogue that I feel like I know each character personally, I finalyl played through the game from the start to almost the finish recently. Well, sort of. There's a few graphics missing and a few unfinished parts of the game in the middle still, so I skipped those parts. But the point was that it's playable as a whole now, instead of the collection of scenes with items in that it was before.

Guest featureing contest winner Crimsonthread, and forum regular Mcakkay (see, joining our forum gets you extra benefits), the game will follow two brothers on a short adventure to - hold on, I'm not gonna tell you the whole thing! Just wait for it to be ready! It's pretty close now, I promise.

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