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Game News September 30th, 2009, 11:12 am
Posted by Renegade
1/ it's still "almost" finished :) apaprently it "needs " music for the title screen at least, which I haven't bene able to get hold of yet. on the game side of things, there's one room left to add, and the game ending to finalise.

2/ It's based on a fairytale. you'll recognise the story for sure.

3/ None of the puzzles require trial and error to figure out. this is something i've gone back and looked at in other games I've made and decided isn't realyl that much fun.

4/ Most of the devlopment time has gone into writing diagloue for the game. There are hundreds and hundreds of lines of captions, but they can be disabled for those who don't like reading. In testing the caption system has got fairly negative feedback, so this is the only game I'll be writing in so much detail for (it's too late to change it this time around though).

5/ A well known character from another flash game has a cameo appeaarance (with permission).
6/ for those of you who told me to kepe making "find the keys" games, there's a sidequest to collect a certain number of a different item :)

7/ The game has 5 trophies to collect. you can't get all 5 of them in one playthrough.

8/ One character has an unlockable bonus outfit. I don't usually care about that sort of thing in games, but even Flora, the artist for this game, was stunned by it.

9/ contest winner Crimsonthread and forum regular Mcakkay both have featured roles in the game. Mcakkay's character is somewhat controversial, with one flash developer who tried the game saying he wanted to smack her in the face.

10/ There are 14 scenes in the game, plus one the player never visits (only seen in the game intro). There are over 30 items to find, not counting the sidequest mentioned above.

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