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More news April 11th, 2010, 6:16 pm
Posted by Renegade
I'm hoping my new game Sleeping Beauty, will be released later this week, or next week. Check back for more details on Thursday.

If you do enjoy the game (and I really hope you do!) please consider making a small donation to me via PayPal. It wasn't cheap to make (about $1,000 went directly on development), and sponsorships for this type of game aren't huge since its for a niche audience. Whether or not I can make a follow up game depends a lot on player support.

Finally... if you don't like reading all the captions, there is an option to disable of them other than essential ones. I figured I'd mention this in advance so that anyone linking the game from gaming blogs or forums can mention it there too, since not everyone enjoys the irrelevant conversations between the two main characters.

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