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Cry Wolf, and win a prize! June 18th, 2008, 4:59 pm
Posted by Renegade
A little qwhile ago there was a game promoted using AOL Messenger that I quite liked, except it was buggy, and taken offline after a while anyway. So we plan on running a slightly updated version of the same game, and we're offering a couple of nice prizes for the winners.

The game is played out over a number of rounds, finishing up when there are only two people left. We will run one round a day. For each round, the following actions occur:
1/ one player is randomly chosen to be the wolf. They will receive a private message from me letting them know they've been picked for this role.
2/ all players try to either figure out who the wolf is, or just who they'd like to get rid of from the game.
3/ All players PM me their vote before the end of the round. Timings for this will be announced at the start of the game.
4/ The person with the most votes is eliminated from the game.
5/ If the person eliminated was not the wolf, the wolf may then pick an additional person to eliminate.
6/ A new wolf is chosen and the next round starts.

Eventually there will be just two people left in the game, and they will be declared the winners.

Tactical voting is encouraged and may give you an advantage. You are allowed to collaborate with other players through any means you like, whether it's in public in the comments, in private message, or even away from this site. Just remember that the person trying to make sure you don't vote for them, could be the wolf who's planning on eliminating you next.

The only rule is that using multiple accounts to enter is forbidden, and anyone caught attempting to do this will not only be disqualified from the game, but removed from the site as well.

Please post a comment if you would like to enter. The game will begin on Saturday the 28th of June - you'll need to be here on that day to get started, so if you'd like an email reminder of the start day please mention that in your comment.

If you have any questions about how the game works, please also post those in the comments. I will not reply to them directly but will put up a second news post answering questions some time before the game is due to start.

Prizes will be announced before the game begins, to allow us to judge the level of interest in the contest. To put it simply, we will give better prizes the more people take part.

Please note we will not run the game if fewer than 20 players are involved.

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